Sikasil WS-605 S High Performance Weather Sealant

Sikasil WS-605 S High Performance Weather Sealant

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Sikasil W S605 S High Performance Weather Sealant

Outstanding Resistance to UV & Weathering sikasil ws605s weather sealant applicator next day from Affixit

600 ml Foil

Sikasil WS605S is a premium silicone sealant used for weather sealing applications where durability under severe conditions is required. WS-605 S is particularly well suited as a weather seal for structural glazing, curtain walling, facades and windows. e.g. for capping structural glazing joints, Marine sealing applications.

WS-605 S has high movement capability + or - 50%

Sikasil WS605S is a durable, neutral curing silicone sealant with excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates

Sikasil WS-605-S ® adheres well to glass, metals, (including coated & painted metals), plastics and wood. 

  • Application Temperature: 5°C to 40 °C
  • Service Temperature: -40°C to 150 °C

Sikasil WS-605-S Benefitsws605s sikasil weather sealant next day from affixit

  •  Meets requirements of ISO 11600 25 LM F & G
  • ASTM C 920 (class 50)
  • ASTM C 1248
  • TT-S00230C
  • TT-S001543A
  • DIN 18540
  • DIN 18545 (group E)
  • Outstanding UV and weathering resistance -
  • Does not stain areas adjacent to the joint
  • Adheres well to glass, metals, coated / painted metals, plastics and wood

Provided with CE-mark according to;

  • EN 15651-1:2012
  • (F EXT-INT 25LM for transparent)
  • EN 15651-2:2012
  • G CC 25LM
  • Certified by Control Body 1119

Sika ® In-House Testing & Warranties

Sika actively encourage pre-installation testing. Testing of your substrate & application for suitability & compatibility can be arranged directly through Affixit. These tests take a minimum of 28 working days. Successful tests can be provided with a warranty directly from Sika ®

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