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Sikasil IG 16 - 600ml Foil Sausage

Sikasil® IG-16 is a neutral-curing, high-modulus silicone insulating glass secondary sealant with excellent adhesion to many substrates.

Sika's IG16 is used as a UV resistant secondary edge seal for the manufacturing of dual-sealed insulating glass units Sikasil IG 16 is a fast curing one component, with excellent UV and weathering resistance. Bonds well to glass as well as metal and plastics spacers. Sikasil IG 16 Meets requirements of EN 1279.

  • Fast curing one component
  • Excellent UV and weathering resistance
  • Bonds well to glass as well as metal and plastics spacers

Sikasil IG 16 Application Instructions 

Surfaces must be clean, dry and free from grease, oil and dust. Surface treatment depends on the specific nature of the substrates and is crucial for a long lasting bond.

The optimum temperature for substrate and sealant is between 15 °C and 25 °C. Sikasil® IG-16 can be processed with hand, pneumatic or electric driven piston guns as well as pump equipment. (For advice on selecting and setting up a suitable pump system, contact the Affixit Technical Support Team who work alongside Sika to provide expert advice). Joints must be properly dimensioned. Basis for calculation of the necessary joint dimensions are the technical values of the adhesive and the adjacent building materials, the exposure of the building elements, their construction and size as well as external loads. Joints deeper than 15 mm must be avoided.

Tooling and finishing must be carried out within the skin time of the sealant or adhesive. When tooling freshly applied Sikasil® IG-16, press the adhesive to the joint flanks to get a good wetting of the bonding surface. No tooling agents must be used.

Uncured Sikasil® IG-16 may be removed from tools and equipment with Sika® Remover-208 or another suitable solvent. Once cured, the material can only be removed mechanically. Hands and exposed skin have to be washed immediately using hand wipes such as Sika® Cleaner-350H cleaning towels or a suitable industrial hand cleaner and water. Do not use solvents on skin.

Sikasil® IG-16 cannot be overpainted.

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