Sikasil SG-20

Sikasil SG-20

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Sikasil SG20 300ml Cartridge or 600ml Foils

One Part, High Strength (0.17 N/mm²) Netural Curing Structural Silicone Adhesive

Sikasil ® SG-20 can be used for structural sealant glazing, bonding of solar modules and other high-demanding industrial bonding applications. 

sikasil sg20 next day from Affixit. Structural glazing silicone adhesive

Sikasil ® SG-20 is a neutral-curing silicone adhesive which combines mechanical strength with high elongation. It adheres excellent to a wide range of substrates widely used in structural glazing applications.

  • Application Temperature: -5°C to 40 °C
  • Service Temperature: -40°C to 150 °C

Sika ® In-House Testing & Warranties

Sika actively encourage pre-installation testing. Testing of your substrate & application for suitability & compatibility can be arranged directly through Affixit. These tests take a minimum of 28 working days. Successful tests can be provided with a warranty directly from Sika ®.

Sikasil ® SG-20 Benefits

  • Meets requirements of EOTA ETAG 002 (carries ETA), EN 13022, ASTM C 1184 sikasil sg20 cartridge next day
  • Fire rated (EN 11925-2 / DIN 4102-B1)
  • Outstanding UV and weathering resistance
  • Excellent bond strength to glass, metals, coated metals, plastics and wood
  • Structural silicone adhesive according to ETAG 002, DoP 61161179
  • certified by Factory Production Control Body 0757, certificate 0757-CPD-596-10-001 R1e
  • Provided with the CE-mark

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