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THERMALBOND® V2100 series also known as Norton Tape is the most commonly used structural glazing spacer tape in two and four sided structural glazing. THERMALBOND® performs a load bearing function while the structural sealant cures. Typical applications include curtain walls, storefronts, skylights, and other applications.

THERMALBOND® polyurethane structural glazing spacer tape is the most widely specified and used spacer for structural silicone systems. In addition to holding the glass or cladding at a predetermined distance from the substrate for proper silicone joint design, they also offer a number of benefits, including compatibility with a vast array of silicone sealants, a special adhesive surface, and thermal resistance.
THERMALBOND® is designed to hold the glass, stone, ACM, or other cladding material at a set distance from the substrate to create the proper joint design.

Product Description

Thermalbond ® V2100 – Norton tapes consists of a polyethylene liner which removes in easiest manner and with out tearing .  The dual- sided pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive bonds to metal & glass while the Semi- rigid foam substrate maintains spacing.




  • This tape has a structure based on open cells which helps moisture and air easily flow to silicone which promotes optimum curing.
  • This poly-urethane foam (Semi rigid) substrate is compatible with all types of silicons chemically tested.
  • Since foam has lower thermal conductivity therefore it minimizes amount of transfer of heat and also prevent condensation on door, windows and metal.
  • It offers maximum resistance against weather, oxidation and fungi.

Product Specification


Thermalbond V2100 Product Specs


  • Widely used for structural silicone glazing purpose.
  • Used on Window and Doors as Thermal Break.
  • Curtain Wall
  • For vibration dampener as a Die Cut.



Service Temperature = -40°F to 180°F , Application Temperature = 60°F to 125°F

Shelf Life

Use within 12 months.